Sensitive Skin

Dr Friedmann

Get advice and insight from Harley Street consultant dermatologist – Dr Friedmann who is a UK leading expert on skin conditions including eczema. Dr Friedmann offers advice and guidance to help you and your family through the challenges of eczema and sensitive skin

Who is Dr Friedmann?

Dr Friedmann is a UK-trained dermatologist who trained at King’s College School of Medicine, London. He has worked at many of London’s teaching hospitals including King’s College, St Georges, Hammersmith, Barts and the London and the Royal Free Hospitals.

With more than 15 years experience in the field, Dr Friedmann has conducted and published research on skin cancer at the Melanoma Institute in Sydney, Australia and has been a consultant since 2008.

Dr Friedmann consults on all general dermatology in both adults and children, and will treat conditions such as acne, eczema, allergy and psoriasis. His special interests include emergency dermatology, skin cancer, moles and blistering conditions.

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