The annual Christmas clean

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With Christmas only one month away, it might be time to start thinking about getting everything in order for the big day. Here are our tips to prepare – you can thank us later:

Cupboard & Fridge

Food ordered? Check. Sparkling cupboards? About that… Prep your fridge and cupboards for the Christmas goodies by clearing out and wiping down all surfaces and shelves so you’re ready for the ‘big Christmas shop’.


Entertaining friends & family over the festive period? Ensure visitors bedrooms are ready with a big Surcare wash. It’s a good time to ensure that your guest towels and bedding are washed, ironed and ready to roll – we recommend using our Sensitive Fabric Conditioner in your wash.

The Bathroom

To get your bathroom gleaming before Christmas guests arrive, make sure to scrub the shower and sink with an all-purpose spray, and don’t forget to fluff up the bath mat to be extra soft for guests. Flush the toilet, then pour a cupful of bleach into the rim of the bowl and leave to sit for five minutes.

Top Christmas tip: The night before Christmas, it’ll be time for one last vacuum in the living room to clear any loose pine needles. Then it’s just a case of dusting and polishing surfaces and setting the table for the big day!

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