Helpful Information

Laundry Symbols

Max temperature 60C/140F – bed linen, towels, and some underwear.

Max temperature 60C/140F Gentle cycle – bed linen, towels, and some underwear.

Max temperature 50C/122F Gentle cycle – Polyester,  Cotton, Polyester / Cotton

Max temperature 40C/104F Cotton

Max temperature 40C/104F – Gentle cycle – Acrylics, acetate, nylon, cotton/acrylic, poly/viscose

Max temperature 40C/104F – Gentlest cycle – Wool and wool mixtures

Max temperature 30C/86F – Gentlest cycle

Hand wash

Do not wash

A short line under any of the above indicates reduce cycle, moisture and or heat

Tumble Dry

Do not Tumble Dry

Drip Dry

Hand dry after removing excess water

Dry flat after removing excess water

Hot 220C/392F – Cotton, linen, viscose

Warm 150C/302F – Polyester mixes

Cool 110C/230F – Acrylic, nylon, acetate,tri-acetate

Do not iron

Chlorine bleach may be used

Do not use chlorine bleach

Dry Cleaning

Dry clean in any solvent

Use fluorocarbon or petroleum solvent only

Do not dry clean

In all cases, if an X is through the symbol it means DO NOT USE

Laundry Advice