Take advantage of line fresh laundry

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Is there anything better than a sun-dried piece of clothing? We don’t think so. There are so many benefits that come from allowing the sun to dry freshly washed garments and we want to let you know about a few…

Line drying garments can save you a pretty penny

The decline in popularity of the traditional washing line is costing British families at least £120m a year. Tumble dryers are routinely used throughout warm summer months and it can cost the average household in the UK up to £165 a year to run their tumble dryer – shocking, we know.

Line drying your garments enhances freshness and can remove strong odours

Line dried clothes and sheets smell much fresher than garments that are tumble dried – this is particularly important for those sensitive to chemicals. UV has also been proven to kill bacteria that may survive a cool wash, including those that might have a health impact and those that cause clothes to smell which is always great to hear.

Line drying can be much more gentle on your garments

Tumbling away in a dryer can cause wear and tear on clothing fabric due to excessive stress on seams, and snags from buttons and zippers. The extremely high heat in the dryer can actually ruin some fabrics and cause irreversible damage. Line drying is more gentle to fibres as you can imagine.

Line drying clothing can promote energy conservation

Line drying laundry conserves energy and can help to protect the environment by saving fossil fuels. In the UK, 60% of households own a tumble dryer and It is estimated that if each household in the UK chose to line dry just one load of laundry every week, we could save over a million tonnes of CO2 every year. With many households doing laundry daily, this effect could easily be magnified if they made the switch.

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