Sensitive Tips

Sensitive Tips For Adults

  1. Don’t scratch that itch! Although it may feel good at the time, it just makes the situation worse.  By scratching itching skin, you are creating more inflammation, which releases more histamine into your blood – which creates more itching!
  2. Stay away from perfumed soap and gels and choose hypo-allergenic, unfragranced products instead. Extreme change in temperature can also have an affect on the condition and lead to flare-ups, so ensure that the water is warm rather than hot.  Avoid using talc, as this can cause irritation, and use emollients immediately after bathing to lock in as much moisture as possible.
  3. Don’t be afraid of using topical steroids – they are a valuable tool in the treatment or control of eczema, particularly during a flare-up. They can reduce redness and inflammation and make the skin less itchy and sore, giving it a chance to heal.   Problems arise when steroids are misused – if instructions for the treatment are followed correctly, the skin can recover properly and the eczema will be much easier to manage.
  4. Stay calm and happy – emotional stress is linked to eczema, although experts are not totally sure why.

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