Sensitive Tips

Sensitive Tips for Children

  1. Soap can be an irritant and can cause eczema flare-ups in babies and young children. Use soap free washes in the bath or stick to just warm water and cotton wool in young babies.
  2. Fragrance in products like washing detergents and fabric softeners can also irritate delicate, eczema prone skin. Choosing a fragrance free washing detergent to wash babies and children’s clothes and bedding in can help.
  3. Moisturising young skin is the best form of protection. You may be advised by your doctor to use an emollient cream and a short course of steroid creams can also be very effective at treating eczema for little ones.
  4. Reduce exposure to other possible allergens in the home such as dogs, cats, and dust mites by washing bedding and soft toys often.
  5. Certain fabrics can irritate eczema and make it worse. Stick to cotton rather than synthetic fabrics. Keeping cool is important, hot sweating conditions can trigger skin issues.

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