Tips For Getting The Perfect Wash

Laundry Advice

  1. Get clothes wash-ready. Zip up zips; empty pockets and use net bags for delicates.
  2. Read the labels. The tags on most items of clothing tell you how to wash and dry for best results.
  3. Separate your clothes according to colour and fabric type – whites, pale colours, colours and delicates, and use your machine properly. It’s tempting to wash everything at 40ÂșC, but for best results, use the correct wash programme for different clothes items.
  4. Pre-treat stains. If clothes are stained, make sure you apply a stain remover before you wash, otherwise the stains may set.
  5. Use the right amount of detergent. Too little won’t get everything clean, but too much will leave a residue on your clothing. The correct amount varies depending on how hard your water is, how dirty the washing, whether you’re using powder or liquid and the size of your washing machine. If in doubt, follow the guidelines on the packaging.
  6. Always wash your clothes in Surcare to look after your clothes and skin.

Please note that these are hints and tips only – always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and if you’re unsure how to wash something, please refer to a dry cleaning professional.

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