Fabric Softener

A big softie with less irritation.

Fragrance is one of the key triggers for those with skin sensitivities, which is why we’ve created a gentle, fragrance-free softener which helps protect your skin and leaves clothes feeling fresh.

21 washes, 750ml

No fragrance

0% fragrance, dyes, acids, enzymes

Dermatologically approved

Dermatologically approved

Concentrated clean

Concentrated cleaning – only 35ml per wash

Gentle on fabrics

Smooths fibres – clothes last longer and colours protected

never tested on animals

Never tested on animals


Makes your clothes feel super soft


Preserves the formula from deterioration

Can you speak laundry?

With ingredients that sound like they’re straight out of a lab and 101 symbols to memorise, something as simple as putting a wash on can get confusing.

We’re here to help translate and make it easier for you every day.

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