Non-Bio Laundry Powder

Hardworking for you and your clothes.

The perfect choice for those looking for a deeper clean, our non-bio powder works hard for the whole family and removes even the toughest of stains.

25 washes, 1.625kg

No fragrance

0% fragrance, dyes, acids, enzymes

Dermatologically approved

Dermatologically approved

Great for deeper cleans and stain removal

Keeps your machine clean as well as clothes

never tested on animals

Never tested on animals


Creates all the foam needed to clean clothes


Stops dirt re-attaching during the cycle


Softens hard water and can improve foaming

Optical Brighteners

Works to brighten fabrics so they’re whiter than white

Oxygen-based bleaching agents

Bleaching agent that removes stains, whitens, and brightens

Can you speak laundry?

With ingredients that sound like they’re straight out of a lab and 101 symbols to memorise, something as simple as putting a wash on can get confusing.

We’re here to help translate and make it easier for you every day.

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