Surcare's SensitiveNon-Bio Laundry Powder

  • 0% fragrance, 0% dyes, 0% acids and 0% enzymes
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Outstanding cleaning performance at 30c
  • British Allergy Foundation - Allergy UK Seal of Approval
  • Product Information+

    Surcare Non Bio Laundry Powder contains amongst other ingredients: 15-30% Oxygen Based Bleaching Agents
    5-15% Anionic Surfactants, Zeolites
    Less than 5% Non-Ionic Surfactants, Phosphonates, Polycarboxylates
    Also contains Optical Brighteners

    Directions for use
    Sort clothes according to the garment labels or fabric type. Pour the powder into your main wash dispenser drawer and select the appropriate programme.

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    Recycling Info
    Carton – Card – Widely Recycled

    Not Tested on Animals

    Barcode: 5010159894868

    Pack size: 25 washes (1.625kg)

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    Had this to trial for a few weeks. It’s brilliant. Gets stains out. Leaves clothes whiter and brighter and doesn’t affect out sensitive skin. Will definitely be buying this in future.

    Tracey Smith

    I’ve used Surcare liquid for many years on my undergarments and my sons clothes who has senstive skin and eczema. When I tried the powder I was very pleased and will be switiching to this. A little goes a long way and it washed my towels and bedding so well. There is no overpowering scent or feeling of product still on the fabrics – they just feel very clean. My son has never had a flare up of eczema since I started using surcare.

    Rebecca Emms

    I have used the washing powder a few times as need to wash all my husband’s gym gear,I found a big difference As it really removed any lingering odours,and was a very nice change. I would definitely recommend this product.❤️

    Kirsteen Morrison

    I received a box of Surcare Sensitive to trial. It is excellent. It is so soft and gentle on the skin without causing any irritation , it does not contain any enzymes or fragrance. It removes all staining from the clothes, leaving them whiter, fresher and clean. I will definitely buy the Surcare Sensitive in the near future. Thank you for inviting me to do the trial

    kathleen Warwick

    Brilliant product! Was a little apprehensive at first, but was sent a box to trial at home for four weeks. I am really impressed with the cleaning capacity – managed to remove dinner stains from a jumper and deodorant marks at a 30 degree wash. No white residue left on my clothes or in the washing machine draw. I have really bad reactions to washing powder and get little spots/rashes over my back and shoulders. So far, so good, no irritation or break outs! Plus, it must be much better for me and the environment that using traditional washing powders.

    Laura Chapman

    I have been trailing this wonderful quality washing Powder for nearly 2 weeks now and normally dont like Powders till i started using Surcare .Brilliant for my sensitive skin issues dissloves totally leaves a lovely smell as well as leaving my washing look clean removing all marks and stains a top product that will now become a fixed item on my shopping list.

    Annette Pettitt

    Very impressed with the product, have done my washing with it for for the last two weeks and my daughter who suffers really bad with dry sensitive skin has no problems or itching. Will definitely be buying this in the future.

    Theresa Colley

    Got this to trial it’s fantastic my little one suffers from eczema and has sensitive skin it doesn’t irritate his skin, it smells great and washes clothes well, highly recommend

    Stevie Oliver

    This is a really nice product. It makes the clothes bright and clean, even at 30 degrees. Cleans the clothes but does not remain in the clothes so does not irritate the skin. Our family has sensitive skin and this powder has been really helpful for our washing and so far, no irritation,wonderful.

    Gill King

    I have been using Surcare laundry detergent for last few weeks now and very pleased with the result! It has no nasties in it yet very powerful to remove dirt and stains from the clothes. It is very gentle for sensitive skin and keeps the clothes in good condition. The powder is very fine so easy to dissolve in water and leave no residue behind in washing machine. My clothes feel fresh and bright!

    Maya Arora

    I have being using this product now for a few weeks,it has made a difference to my husband’s gym stuff as it can really smell.but now it’s nice and fresh.cheers

    Kirsteen Morrison

    I had a box of Surcare Sensitive non bio washing powder and have to say it has clearly helped with my daughter’s eczema less itchy scratchy moments. I have found it hard to find a product that helps like this not only that smells clean and fresh and washing looks brighter and cleaner! Hope to continue using this product in the future well done Surcare I am very pleased and thank you for the opportunity for me to try this product out

    Tracey Edmunds

    My boyfriend suffers from allergic dermatitis on his whole body.We initially thought it was a sensitivity to hardwater as the itchiness used to happen after having a shower.And then I noticed it was the towels he was using to dry himself-he seems to have an issue with most laundry brands available in the supermarkets.I have washed his towels with Surcare sensitive detergent for a couple of weeks now.I am not sure whether it’s a coincidence but he no longer smothers himself with E45 cream after a shower.In fact,I’m so pleased with the results I also bought the Surcare sensitive washing up liquid for our sensitive hands.

    Nuria Bear

    Was sent this for a 4 week trial. Loved it – did a great job at getting clothes clean and although unscented it still managed to make clothes smell fresh. I’ve used other unscented detergents which have left clothes with an odd smell afterwards. Seems to suit all of our sensitive skin too. We’ll definitely be switching to this.

    Nicola Moues

    I was sent this product for trial for a few weeks and am very happy with the results. It leave the clothes nice and clean, with fresh scent. I’ve always got problem with some washing products make my skin dry and itchy, but with Surcare Sensitive Non Bio Powder, I’ve no problem with dry or itchy skin! Overall, really impressed with the performance and highly recommended for people who have sensitive skin.

    michelle k

    I’ve struggled to find a washing powder that doesn’t cause my daughter’s eczema to flare up for years. After just one week of using Surcare Powder I was amazed to see a dramatic reduction in the usual itching and redness. Following use in the second and third weeks further healing has taken place. It really has improved my daughter’s quality of life. Even though this product is kind to the most delicate skin, it also cleans very efficiently. Very, very pleased.

    Lynette Daniels

    Liked the product. Cleaned clothing effectively, even on short washes. Am more used to a slight fragrance so it was strange not having fragrant laundry. Don’t like powder as much as liquid however so will be the liquid in future.

    Fariba Mansouri-Johnson

    Habe to say this has been amazing and the only non bio laundry powder I can use leaves my clothes smelling nice and washes clothes really well. Having allergies I’m always left with a rash but I haven’t with surcare. Highly recommend.

    Taliya Wyte

    It brilliant, took up free trail offer, been amazed, it hasn’t affected my eczema at all. . . And clothes lovely and clean. . .


    Great cleaning, no allergic reactions and our clothes were clean

    Amanda McMichael

    I got sent a trial, I was shocked at how good it is, defo made a difference in my skin. Gets stains out, thank you will defo be using it again xx

    Stacey Xxxx

    Very good Washing powder I was shocked how good it was at getting stains out of things, my clothes where so fresh after using this very happy would highly recommend thankyou

    Jackie Bassett

    The laundry came out clean and fresh without any of the white residue I have had with other products. But the fact that it really helped sensitive skin was great, noticed skin calmer and not so itchy. Give it a try worth it.

    Karen Nicolaus



    I received a box of this to try. Delighted with the product as I have sensitive skin and suffer from irritation with other brands – no problems with Surcare.

    Jane Galvin

    I have had this product for over two weeks and am converted. Unscented but makes everything smell fresh without the lingering scents of other products. Cleans well and is gentle on sensitive skin – 5 stars from me!!

    L Phillips

    I found this powder very good. It gave me the results I was looking for and did not irritate my sensitive skin. Will definitely be buying this product again

    Karen Reed

    Converted to surcare. Clothes were clean and whiter especially sons vest and caused absolutely no irritation to me or my son!

    Bobbi Lee

    I have so many problems with my skin and allergies and have problems finding products. This was a great product no skin irritations will be using this all the time now and will looking for other products in this range.

    Joanna Wood

    I received the Surcare Non-Bio Laundry Powder to trial, it is absolutely fabulous, it dissolves well and leaves the clothes, whites and coloured clean, fresh and stain free, our skin is free from reactions and irritations and the delicate fragrance is pleasant and therapeutic. It is safe to use for babies clothes etc, I definitely recommend Surcare Non-Bio Laundry Powder and thank you for introducing this brilliant product to us. My family and I feel comfortable in our clothes, we have replaced our previous laundry product with Surcare Non-Bio Laundry Powder and look forward to discovering other products from the Surcare range.

    Raj Kaur

    I think this product is great got out all the stains in the first wash leaving them fresher brighter and great for sensitive skin I would recommend this product thanks

    Clare Riley

    I was sent a box of Surcare Sensitive Washing Powder to test and trial. I have been using it now for a few weeks and I am pleasantly surprised on it’s results. I generally prefer a liquid so that I know it’s rinsed out well enough and no residue left on clothes. There are no nasties in this product and therefore no artificial fragrances but yet my washing still smelt fresh, it was also soft enough too and no powder residence either. I often get sore patches on my elbows and backs of knees, but since using this product I’ve slowly improved, it’s definitely helped me. Will be recommending to my step-daughter and daughter-in-law as they both suffer terribly from eczema. I’ve used the washing up liquid before and will not be adding this product to my shopping list. Definitely going to try the other products in the Surcare range.

    Angela Jones

    I love this washing ppowder it leaves my clothes brilliantly clean even the kidds school uniforms come out spotless which is incredible and it is great for all the familly even the ones with very sensitive skin. Will definitely be buying this in future.

    wronda mcguire

    Brilliant,vanished stains,didn’t affect my daughter’s sensitive skin,THANKYOU x

    Dawn Ayres

    My elderly mother has sensitive skin so I use this on her bed linen and she says her skin is much less itchy in the night. I realise that it is more expensive than the powder I used to buy, but it is well worth the extra. I would recommend this product.

    Denise Minihane

    Loved it!It was fantastic at cleaning my washing especially stubborn stains.Also smelt great too.It didn’t irritate my skin.I suffer from psoriasis and didn’t irritate me at all like other products have done in the past.i will definate continue to use surcare.

    Lynn Rogers

    I have just used this product for 4 weeks and will buy it again. l have very sensitive skin and had no reaction at all. Also it worked really well at getting my laundry fresh and clean

    Christine Field

    A received my non bio surcare and has help mys sons skin tremendously and a have used it ever since .highly recommend .

    ‘sheila Tidy

    This product is excellent will be purchasing in the future. Washing at low temperature still managed to get clothes stain out clean and smelling fresh. I was happy with the results and If you haven’t tried this make sure you do cannot go wrong.

    Asma Begum

    All good so far, seems to be OK for mine and my daughters skin and cleans well

    Alice Harrison

    Used washing powder for 3 weeks. All I can say, I am very impressed. Washes well and have no smell. It’s so important for me. I hate when clothes smells strongly, I don’t want to be walking washing powder box. This powder is gentle for my skin, no allergies cause. 5 starts!

    Laura Dawe

    Great product. Received a box to try out. I thought it would have been a gimmick but it was excellent to be fair and great on tough stains

    Brett Abbott

    I recieved a box of suncare’s sensitive powder to trial, it’s was lovely left my clothes clean and fresh. My baby eczema had no issues and love how it has no chemical in it and will be definitely using this from now on and 100% recommended it

    Savita ng

    ive, been using my trial non-bio laundry powder and what a differance, its made to my skin no more itching has im allergic to lots of things. My washing feels and smells clean, i will deffinatly continue with my surecare washing powder.

    Ann evans

    I had a free trial, and i actually do like this product. It gets stains out without having to use harsh chemicals, My eczema is slowly becoming unnoticeable which is a big plus!. Considering it has no scent it actually does make you clothes smell fresh and clean, Thank you x

    kayleigh bates

    Surprisingly it removes stains well, I have to contend with a mucky husband that throws his dinner down his white t-shirts on a nightly basis, with a short soak I found Surcare deals with all his accidents and doesn’t aggravate his sensitive skin! Thank you Surcare for looking after him!!

    Nikki Hades

    I received this laundry powder to try. I was really amazed at how soft our clothes have been after the wash. The clothes came out really clean, even with the heavy soiling from 2 kids. My only issue is that the powder does not go down from the soap drawer, I have had to put the powder straight in the drum. So depending on price I would definitely be buying this in the future to wash my children’s clothes and bedding.

    Helen Fadeyi

    Been using this for a couple of weeks and much prefer it to the detergent I was using before! Leaves my clothes feeling so fresh and lovely! Would definitely recommend.

    Rachel Burns

    Absolutely love this! I have awful eczema and it’s the only laundry powder not to irritate it. Smells lovely too.

    Sophie Jane Murphy

    I was lucky enough to receive the surcare sensitive non-bio washing powder to try and loved it.I have a baby that I look after and like to use free from powder for her clothes and this was ideal.No chemical smell and did the job even on a low wash .

    christine Lee

    This is a really nice product I was using one before for a renamed brand and this one is too much better. My clothes are fresh bright and clean, even at 30 degrees and left a nice smell not overpower, also is great for our sensitive skin so the itching and redness has gone. I could not stop recommending this product,

    Holly Albans

    Love this product. I usually use a liquid washing product but Surcare powder was just as easy to use. It gave very good results even on a low temperature wash. I have happily used Surcare washing up liquid for years and wish I had tried Surcare Sensitive long ago.

    Pat G

    I usually use liquid detergent but have been using this powder for the last few weeks and I will definitely buy it. My washing feels fresh and clean without any residue left behind. Powerful enough to clean clothes without irritating the skin. Perfect.

    Donna Lochrie

    I had this as a free trial and am really happy with the results from using it. Brilliant product, got my washing nice and clean and no skin irritations

    astrid dorrington

    So clean and fresh with no hint of chemical fragrance. very kind to our skin and kind to the environment. I shall be buying this from now on!

    L Callow

    Received a free sample, was really pleased to how it claimed to ease my sensitive areas and is sensitive enough for my young daughter. Cleaned my daughters clothes really well and I must say I was a little surprised it worked as well as it did on my sensitive skin, it definitely eased and over the course of the trial there was a noticeable difference. I will be buying this from now on to see if it truly performs.

    Antony Saunders

    Having trialed this for a few weeks am so impressed. It has left my clothes smelling clean and fresh. It has managed to get all stains out and leaves no residue. It is great for senisitive skin would definitely recommend

    Lisa Chapmen

    This is an absolutely brilliant product! I was a little apprehensive to begin with, as I’ve used the same brand of washing detergent for years. I was sent a box of this to trial for 4 weeks, and I used it on both mine and my family’s laundry. I was thoroughly impressed with how it was able to remove stains at just 30 degrees! Previously I would have to add extra products in order to remove stains, and I would usually was at 40 degrees. So not only does it rid my clothes of any stains, it’s also a cooler wash and is better for the environment. So far, no one in my household has had any reaction to the product, and my skin seems to be in much better condition (less red and itchy). There was no residue left on any clothes and appeared to be gentle enough to use on even the most delicate fabrics. I will definitely be repurchasing this once I have ran out – it will replace my previous well loved brand! Thanks Surcare!

    Ella Rose

    Had a trial of this washing powder for a few weeks. I loved it. The powder left a lovely fragrance on the clothes which lasted several days. There was also no white residue left on dark colours. It was suitable for sensitive skin and didn’t irritate. I would definitely buy again.

    Kathleen Connaughton

    Had this trial for a few weeks really brings the washing clean and stain free excellent for eczema and sensitive skins towels are so soft don’t need to put much powder in as a little goes a long way will definitely be using this again and will be recommending to family and friends really enjoyed doing this trial

    Dawn Davies

    I received the powder to trial (thank you). I have never used this brand before. I was pleasantly surprised at the results. My whites were more whiter and all stains had been removed. Nice fragrance. I will buy!

    Melanie Yankovic-McKay

    Excellent product and results. Left my washing super clean and soft. I would definitely recommend this product.

    susan mathews

    This has been lovely to use. Gets my clothes clean and fresh. Also has not caused any reaction for my daughter who has eczema and usual detergents are a big no no but not this one.

    Leah Wheatley