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How to be a morning person

At Surcare we’re all about positive starts and happy days, but we understand that mornings can feel hectic.

In an ideal world the whole household would all wake up with big smiles, do some yoga and drink a healthy, kale-infused smoothie. Everyone is living busy lives and for many of us a morning can be considered a success if we’re able to drop the kids off on time and get to work without a stain down our top.

Chances are you already know whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, but there are a number of things you can do to ensure a more enjoyable morning, so even if you don’t get round to a bit of downward dog, you’ll feel more positive and prepped for the day ahead.


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Good evening = great morning
A great morning is built on a relaxed but organised evening. Split the time available to get all the preparation done for the day ahead, but still have time to unwind. Pack your bag, select tomorrow’s outfit and prep lunches for a smooth-sailing start. When it comes to chilling out, don’t just sit like a zombie in front of the TV, take some time away from electronics and try reading a book, even if its just for 10 minutes.

Where the magic happens
Making the bedroom a sanctuary is paramount in getting a good night sleep and waking up happy. Keep the room tidy, for optimum cleanliness, wash sheets once a week, or at the very least every two weeks.  Using a sensitive laundry detergent like Surcare will protect skin against any sensitivities which may cause waking during the night. Make sure the bed is always made too. Making the bed every morning starts the day well with a successfully accomplished first task of the day.

Let there be light
A little light goes a long way in resetting the body clock. Try keeping the blinds partially open during the night or get out first thing and go for a walk or hang the washing. It will help to make you feel more alert and that fresh air will do you a world of good. 

Rise, shine, and sing  
Try listening to some upbeat, positive music to set the tone of the day. Listening to music first thing is not only good for overall mental health but improves brain functionality and helps boost creativity. Surcare has created its own Spotify Rise & Shine playlist jam-packed with uplifting songs, so whether it’s a dance while the kettles boils or a sing-along on your commute, get it on and turn it up!

You’re only human  
One of the most important things to remember – you can’t do it all. It’s important to be realistic with the morning routine to avoid burning out. Take the pressure off, pace yourself and try and enjoy the mornings. Certain things are out of your control, but there’s one thing you are in control of – and that’s the mindset that you start the day with!


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