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At Surcare we know parenting is both rewarding and challenging. We also know that many tantrums are the result of fair, reasonable, considerate and often kind parenting. Sometimes it’s all your fault because …

  • “You served the meal they requested”
  • “The biscuit was broken”
  • “The ice cream was cold”
  • “You wouldn’t allow them to eat the dog food”

Surcare contains nothing to irritate delicate and sensitive skin. Using Surcare means your laundry won’t cause a tantrum, but there are many random and reasonable reasons for your little one to lose it! Your little one might of have lost it but it could bring you a win!

To enter – simply post your tantrum pic on social channels explaining the moment e.g. I told her she couldn’t eat yoghurt in the bath, because mummy didn’t let me throw the laptop on the floor and include #WhySurcare on your post and our clever app below will curate them into a gallery of all the moments you post. Post on Instagram, Twitter or visit our Facebook Page and leave a post there.

The brand team is choosing the winners and is looking for posts that capture the essence of random toddler tantrums – we’re not looking for best photo, it’s about the story and context accompanying the photo. The team will create a shortlist of their favourites and choose a winner for the Merlin Discovery Pass for four and there will be three runners up who will all get a Surcare sensitive skin product and goodie bundle. Post your pic by Monday 21st June 2021 and we will announce the winners on Friday 25th June 2021.

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