How to soothe your baby’s eczema-prone skin

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There’s nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and suffering from skin irritation, and for parents with babies suffering with eczema, the battle to soothe their little ones red and sore skin can be overwhelming. One in five children in the UK suffer with eczema, leaving many parents feeling worried and wondering what products will help their child without causing further irritation.

The good news is that babies can grow out of eczema all by themselves and in the mean time there’s plenty you can do to help keep them feeling as soothed and comfortable as possible.

For those seeking advice, Consultant Dermatologist at The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, Dr Adam Friedmann, is here to give you some tips on keeping the irritating effects of eczema to a minimum.

Don’t use soap

Although most babies love splashing around in a bubble bath, soap can be an irritant and can cause eczema flare-ups in young children. To prevent causing your baby discomfort, try using soap-free washes in the bath or sticking to just warm water and cotton wool to cleanse the skin of very young babies.

Avoid products with fragrances

Fragrance in products such as washing powders and fabric softeners can also irritate

delicate, eczema-prone skin. So next time you’re shopping, be sure to choose a fragrance-free washing detergent, such as Surcare, to wash your baby’s clothes.

Moisturise often

Moisturising your baby’s skin often will help prevent flare-ups. You may also be advised by your doctor to use an emollient cream or even a short course of steroid creams, which can be very effective for treating eczema in babies.

Keep other allergies at bay

Another way to reduce the irritation of eczema is to limit your baby’s exposure to other possible allergens in your home, such as dogs, cats, and dust mites, by washing bedding and soft toys regularly. Keeping the threat of other possible allergens at bay will not only help rashes clear up faster but may also keep flare-ups to a minimum.

Stick to cotton

Certain fabrics can irritate eczema and make the rash worse and more painful. Stick to cotton outfits rather than synthetic fabrics, which can make your baby too warm and can also be an eczema trigger.