Spring clean your life in three easy steps

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Spring clean your life in three easy steps

The clocks moving forward and the days becoming longer, it’s time you welcomed in the new season, with a refreshing start, to set you up for a clean and clutter-free summer. If you’re finding it hard to snap out of hibernation this month, why not try tmuch to hese three simple steps:

1) Declutter your closet and clean with Surcare

Start by clearing out any items of clothing you haven’t worn for a year, it’s likely you won’t wear any of them again. By getting rid of unwanted physical items, it allows you to make more space in your life for new and better things. Then begin to wash your items of clothing you want to keep with Surcare. This will prevent any allergies occurring and clears away any dust that may have built up over the winter months. Be sure to organise your closet to help you feel stress-free when choosing what to wear each morning.

2) Declutter your mind

Many of us are bombarded with the stress and worries of everyday life. Consequently we are left with the unwanted mind chatter that just doesn’t want to stop. To help prevent stress and improve well-being, you should try spending just a few minutes each day clearing your thoughts and focusing on your breathing. Becoming more stress-free from mind clutter may help improve your eczema and your thoughts will feel refreshed.

3) Redo your to-do-list

Creating a new list of the things you need to do each day will make you feel more organised and motivated for the tasks ahead. Focus on the most important, working through each one, this will help you to keep a clear mind. Just don’t overload yourself! A to-do-list helps you to make the most of your time and, more importantly, less stressed. Simple.