The Surcare Big Family Irritant Report

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From Brexit to hay fever, there was a raft of reasons for Brits to feel irritated this summer.  But when it comes to family life, it seems it’s the everyday things that get us hot under the collar.  We conducted a study and questioned 2,000 UK families, and it turns out that that family life can be a little bit irritating sometimes for everyone.   

Parents were most annoyed about paying extra to go away during school holidays, whereas teenagers seem to be irritated mostly by parents over-the-top ‘likes’ and embarrassing comments on social media.  Tech is a common thread when it comes to family strife, the younger children (6-12 years) claimed to be annoyed by parents who – wisely – restrict their use of phones, tablets and computer games.

Top 10 irritants about family life – from mums and dads:

  • Paying a premium for holidays due to school term restrictions
  • Kids waking at 5am on the weekend, but not able to get up during the week
  • Peppa Pig on repeat
  • Standing on lego bare footed
  • Fussy eaters
  • Entertaining kids in a traffic jam
  • Competitive parenting
  • Bottomless laundry basket
  • Having to become a craft genius for World Book Day etc
  • No lie ins – ever, again!

Teenagers top irritants about parents:

  • Comments on social media
  • Asking for help with technology
  • Kissing in front of me
  • Kissing me
  • Wearing clothes that are too young for them
  • Listening to the same music as me
  • Singing the wrong lyrics to music
  • Too many questions about my life
  • Too many rules and restrictions
  • Trying to make friends with my friends

Younger kids parental gripes:

  • Won’t let me use iPad all the time
  • Always using their phone or iPad
  • Putting lots of pictures of me on social media
  • Won’t let me have crisps/sweets/fizzy drinks
  • Taking too many pictures of me
  • Making me do lots of homework
  • Won’t let me choose my own clothes
  • Won’t let me stay up late to watch TV
  • Trying to hold my hand when we are out
  • Telling me to be careful all the time

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